Congratulations to the 16 Senior community teams and 6 Junior community teams who participated today in the Arab Bank Australia Cup 2017.

It was Japan that won the cup by defeating Lebanon in the Grand Final 2-1.
Palestine team won the third place by defeating Saudi Arabia 3-0.

The standing for the Seniors is as follows:
1-Japan:Gold Medal.
2-Lebanon:Silver Medal.
3-Palestine:Bronze Medal.

Winner of the Golden Boot:
Ray Younes-Lebanon with 8 goals.

As for the juniors,Vietnam beat Lebanon 3-0 while Syria beat Nepal 4-1.

The Juniors standing is as follows:
1-Vietnam:Gold Medal.
2-Lebanon:Silver Medal.
3-Syria:Bronze Medal.

The award presentation was under the patronage of the Consul General of Lebanon in Sydney Mr Georges Ghanem ,Mr Joe Rizk -CEO Arab Bank Australia,Mr Khaldoun Asfour-Mayor of Canterbury Bankstown Council ,Mr David Yoon from the Korean community,Mr Patrick Skene ,Mr Anthony Alam and Mr Fadi Elhage besides of Media representatives and community leaders .

Thanks for all the parents,managers,and coaches who contributed to the success of the ALFA Tournament and brought the joy to our kids.

A special thanks to Johnny Obeid ,Chris Ajaka, Spero Semann, Ahmad Jaber ,Chadi Karnib ,Buddy Farah and Issam Attar for their hard work today.

Also our gratitude to Ozzy Sports (Charles Haydamous) and Deploy Football(Andrew Head) for their contribution to the Cup .

May God Bless you.

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