The ALFA committee meeting tonight with the representatives of 22 different associations ,FFA, Football NSW,Red Elephants Projects and BFR participating in the Arab Bank Australia Cup 2017, resulted of the following draw:

1-Senior Teams:

Group A:Japan, Al-Ahwaz , Lebanon and Iran.
Group B: China,Australia,Jordan and Kuwait.
Group C :Macedonia , Palestine,Qatar and Nepal.
Group D:Algeria,Egypt,Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

2-Junior teams:

Group A:Lebanon,Syria and Egypt.
Group B:Macedonia,Palestine and Vietnam.

We invite all the associations participating in the tournament to bring their families and make the most out of the day.

It’s a day to interact with each other around sports .

Entertainment for Kids will be available such as jumping castle and face painting.

A soccer clinic will be organized on the day.

See you on the 22nd of October .