Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant has issued an apology for comments he claims were “taken out of context” regarding the development of basketball in India that was released in an interview with The Athletic earlier this week.

In the Q&A story, Durant said basketball in the Asian country was “20 years behind in terms of knowledge and experience,” but said his comments were more a reflection of his expectation and that he meant no offense.

“Sorry that my comments about India were taken out of context, I’m grateful for the time I’ve got to spend there and I’m really pissed about how my comments came off, that’s my fault, should’ve worded that better,” Durant said a statement on his Twitter account. “I spoke about the difference between my imagination and reality there in Delhi and about where the game is compared to the rest of the world. No offense from this side, I’m combing back out there for more camps and cool shit. Sorry …..”

Although the initial response to his answer about his India experience jumps off the page, Durant did also go on to talk how “dope” it was to see so many underprivileged people in the area so eager to learn the game of basketball. He also reflected with endearment on his memories of seeing cows in the streets, monkeys running around and hundreds of people on the sides of the roads.

Durant visited India to tour the country and help build community basketball courts and returned Thursday, but said the incident won’t stop him from making a return in the future.