Congratulations to the AA community teams who participated today in the ALFA Cup 2022.

It was Australia that won the cup by defeating Iran ,by penalty shoot out,in the Grand Final 0-0(3-1).

Qatar team won the third place.

The standing for the AA teams is as follows:

1-Australia:Gold Medal.

2-Iran:Silver Medal.

3-Qatar:Bronze Medal.

For more information, check the results here.

The award presentation was under the patronage of Councillor Khal Asfour-Mayor of Canterbury Bankstown Council,Councillors Bilal Elhayek,Rachelle Harika,David Walsh,Linda Downey and Charbel Bou Raad,Chris Cahill,Anthony Cr Anthony Bazouni,Mr Patrick Skene-CEO of Cultural Pulse Group ,Steve O’Connel -Former Socceroos,Dom Bossi -MacArthur FC besides ,Mr Brian-Bankstown RSL,Dr Alex Ashi,Dr Ghassan Ashi,Mr Hassan Moussa ,as well as media representatives and community leaders .

We were delighted to have amongst us during the event The Hon.Wendy Lindsey-MP for East Hills and The Hon.Jihad Dib-MP for Lakemba whom he met with the organizing committee and thanked them for their effort in promoting Sports, Multiculturalism and respect amongst Australians from different backgrounds thus reflecting the true Australian value.

Thanks for all the parents,managers,and coaches who contributed to the success of the ALFA Tournament 2022 and brought the joy to our kids.

A special thanks to Johnny Obeid ,Chris Ajaka, Spero Semann, Ahmad Jaber ,Chadi Karnib ,Wissam Abbas ,Charbel Tadros,and Issam Attar for their hard work today.

Also our gratitude to Community Relations Commission -Multicultural NSW,Canterbury Bankstown City Council ,Bansktown RSL,Radio Sawt Sydney ,Oz Arab Media, Ahmad Jaber as well as to all of our sponsors for their support and contribution to the Cup .