Congratulations to the 12 community teams who participated today in the Arab Bank Australia Cup 2016.

It was Japan that won the cup by defeating Algeria in the Grand Final 4-0.
Macedonia team won the third place by defeating China 5-1.

The standing was as follows:
1-Japan:Gold Medal.
2-Algeria:Silver Medal.
3-Macedonia:Bronze Medal.

Winner of the Golden Boot:
James Temelkovski-Macedonia with 6 goals.

The award presentation was under the patronage of the Consul General of Lebanon in Sydney Mr Georges Ghanem ,Mr Joe Rizk -CEO Arab Bank Australia,Mr Emile chahine-Arab Bank Australia,Mr Kieran Lilley -FFA, Mrs Linda Downey,Mr Khaldoun Asfour ,Mr Grant Lee,Mr Cameron Murphy,Mr David Yoon from the Korean community,Mr Richard Phillips-Bankstown Sports Club,Mr Talal Saifo ,Mr Fadi Elhage besides of Media representatives and community leaders .

Thanks for all the parents,managers,and coaches who contributed of the success of the ALFA Tournament and brought the joy to our kids.

A special thanks to Johnny Obeid , Wissam Abbas , Spero Semann, Ahmad Jaber ,Chadi Karnib and Issam Attar for their contribution today.

May God Bless you.